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We are here for you and the community! The Emmanuel Temple Church strives to bring the people the consciousness Word of God. We want to provide help and advice for those in need, and volunteer to help and support the community. We will continue to grow in order to better serve you. Our ministry isn’t here to just pray for you, but to serve you as well.


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Sundays Starting at 11:00AM

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Sharing God’s love with everyone

We are an experienced biblical community through the preached and taught word of God. We contribute our time, talents and resources to further the Jesus Mission in our communities and in the world.

Pastor Eric V. Jefferson

Up to the Minute

Ready to learn more about Christ and receive a word from God? Join us as we continue to educate the people of Christ in God’s Word.

Virtual Midweek Prayer

Join us weekly for Midweek Prayer @ 7:00am. Start your mornings out with prayer and direction.

ID: 819 3849 8967
Password: 628932

Womens Monday Night Prayer

Join the ETC Women of Purpose and start your week off with Monday night prayer every night @ 9:00pm.

Call-In #: (605) 313-5105
Access Code: 952122#

Friday Corporate Prayer Call

End the week and start your Fridays in prayer @ 5:30am for Corporate Prayer.

Call-In #: (712) 775-7031
Access Code: 60992503

Unity Day @ ETC

Come join us for Unity Day Every 3rd Sunday! Dress comfortably and invite a friend. Enjoy the liberating worship experience at ETC!

Come Join the Conversation

Let’s talk faith. Come Join the Conversation Fridays at 10:00am as we have an open forum on faith. There are no wrong questions or answers as we learn to live in Christ together.

Kingdom Teaching & Fun 4 Kids

Teaching our children about Christ and training them to live a Godly life. Thursdays @ 7:00pm.

Via Zoom: 840 5224 3162
Access Code: 1hgh6v

Tuesday Night Bible Study

Join us for Bible Study every Tuesday night at 7:30pm via Facebook Live & Youtube.

From the Pastor's Heart

Here words of wisdom and the word of God from the Pastor’s Heart. Join us as we dig deep into real issues we face daily as people of faith.

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Reaching those who are far from God – We live out the Jesus Mission together in community through homeless outreach, feeding and clothing the poor, and benevolence to others. Restoring God’s Dream for the world.

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